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How Smell the Roses Meditation workbook started; Landing in a heap on the floor, my arms full of washing, I muttered to myself “I can’t cope.” I was a single working mum of two young boys with various animals and a generally busy life. Whatever I was doing about meditation was not working and I needed to find a method that fitted in with my lifestyle and so this fascinating 30 year journey began.

I was taught by Native American, Aboriginal, Celtic and Berber elders. Sat at the feet of Asian gurus, trained as an NLP master, a Reiki master, Equine therapist. Devoured books on the “right way” to meditate, always searching for the perfect way. I was certainly thorough. Finally I discovered that I still needed something practical and doable, whether on a busy train or sitting in the car waiting for one of my children. Long meditations in an ideal environment were lovely but not sustainable. I realised that the people who came to me had similar needs. Meditation had to be doable and accessible anywhere. Smell the  Roses was born. None of the searching was wasted but became a rich compost for the roses and subsequently the workbook.

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Smell the Roses Meditation workbook

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