Meditation Workbook



By keeping your meditations practical and achievable, you feel the benefits on a daily basis. “Less is more” is one of the positive results of Smell the Roses. Try this 1 minute meditation for five days and see how you feel.

Alan, locksmith: “A good, quick calming exercise, easy to fit in to a busy day.”

Here are some Smell the Roses definitions:

. Meditation is sliding out of chaos, stress or confusion, and rebalancing your feelings as well as perspectives.

. A ‘pit stop’ is a form of short meditation which can nurture, relax, and recharge your batteries.

. Meditation develops and expands your intuition into becoming your own personal ‘Sat Nav’.

Fleur, mother of two and advertising exec.”What I get from the meditations: a grounding and a gentle sense of focus away from daily life. which then sets me up and helps me get on with what I need to do that day.”


Smell the Roses workbook is designed for you to go through it at your own pace.

. Busting the meditation myths of how, when, where and for how long

. Simple instructions on how to prepare for meditation

. Different exercises to activate, enhance and trust your intuition

. Guided meditations. The longest is 8 minutes. They are designed so that you can combine them. For example a cleansing one followed by a Wise Person one to gain insight into a particular issue. The total time this would take is about 15 minutes. You can also learn to develop your own meditations.

. An animated meditation that can be used with children and adults.

. Using everyday tasks as meditations such as going for a walk differently, noticing the relevant symbolism around you

Megan, teacher, says :” I can’t believe by keeping it really simple with Smell the Roses, I achieve so much, trusting my intuition.”

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